Jordan and Paul working together to diagnose an engine an engine problem at Btuned

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Vehicle servicing, performance upgrades, diagnostics & repairs

At Btuned, we strive for quality service at a fraction of the dealership prices. We also strive to stay ahead in the technology game to bring only the best results to your vehicle.

Even though at Btuned we specialise in European vehicles, we can look after any car regardless of the make or model. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to keep your car tuned to perfection.

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Logbook servicing

This is the passport of your vehicle. Used also as a record of all services performed on your vehicle. Having the required services done on time benefits the resale value of your vehicle in the future and also ensures the warranty is maintained.

Performance upgrades

Performance upgrades

Performance of your vehicle will increase if you replace the regular parts with performance parts. There is a part for every need – may that be to increase the mileage, reliability or power. Performance parts may also increase value of your vehicle as they are well sought after.

Mechanical repairs

Mechanical repairs

Quality mechanical repairs will ensure your vehicle is maintained with the highest quality parts and replacement fluids. By ensuring quality work is done on your vehicle, you'll not only achieve optimal performance but you'll also improve the life of your vehicle.

Jordan diagnosing and engine problem at Btuned

Electronic diagnostic

Assessing a vehicle using advanced diagnostic equipment is a time effective way to find problem areas in your vehicle, as well as check manufacturers notifications in the system. Diagnostic tools using built-in microchips, sensors and processors accurately pinpoint the issues regardless of where in the vehicle they are.

Tyre and wheel servicing

Tyre & wheel servicing

Tyres play an important role in the overall braking system. Good condition tyres will keep your vehicle well gripped on the road, however those in bad condition will oppose high safety risk. Wheel alignment and balancing is also carried out as part of the service to ensure no vibration is present and your vehicle handles smoothly.

Pre-purchase and safety checks

Pre-purchase & safety checks

To be able to make an informed decision on your pre-owned vehicle purchase, we will complete a thorough check of the vehicle and advise you of any issues that lie underneath the bonnet and may not be visible to a non-mechanic. This will give you peace of mind regarding the quality of the vehicle you are purchasing.

Paul working on engine at Btuned

Car warranty service

By having your car serviced on time, you not only maintain your warranty but also increase your vehicle's future resale value. With a well-documented service history, prospective buyers will see that your car has been responsibly maintained, boosting its reliability and overall condition.

Engine tuning

Engine tuning

Engine tuning is a process of adjusting the engine control unit (ECU) to achieve the vehicle's optimal performance by gaining additional horsepower, improving acceleration rate, achieving a greater top speed, increasing durability and improving fuel efficiency. When engine tuning is carried out correctly, it will not reduce the life of the engine.

Wheel alignment

Brake & suspension maintenance

Brakes are the most important safety system on your vehicle. There should be no noises noticeable and pedal should feel firm when braking. Regular pad service, oil replacement and overall check will ensure you won't be surprised with an expensive repair bill and your vehicle will be reliable on the road.

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Paul working on engine at Btuned


Jordan and Paul working together to diagnose an engine an engine problem at Btuned


Jordan diagnosing and engine problem at Btuned


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