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Sakhir Orange BMW F80 M3 - Front Left

We know that nothing feels quite like putting your right foot to the floor and having your hair stand on their ends! At Btuned, we’ll work closely with you to discuss and help you achieve your performance goals.

Whether it’s a fraction more ‘OOMPH’, a sexy exhaust or creating a force to be reckoned with on the track or street, Btuned can create a package to suit your needs. We are sure we can find a combination to suit your driving style and budget.

Our upgrade offerings

Exhaust enhancements

Whether you're looking for a subtle improvement or a complete transformation, Btuned can guide you in selecting the perfect exhaust enhancements to suit your vehicle and driving preferences.

ECU remapping, tuning & programming

Through careful calibration, we can improve power, torque, and fuel efficiency while maintaining reliability. Whether you're seeking better acceleration, enhanced throttle response, or improved overall performance, our custom ECU tunes will provide you with a dynamic driving experience tailored to your preferences.

Jordan diagnosing and engine problem at Btuned

Transmission tuning

Enhance your vehicle's transmission performance with our professional tuning services. Optimize shift points, improve responsiveness, and maximize power delivery. Experience smoother gear changes and improved overall driving experience with our transmission tuning expertise.

Ferrari F8 Tributo in for a suspension upgrade

Brakes & suspension

Our expert team offers a range of brake and suspension upgrades to improve handling, reduce stopping distances, and increase overall safety. From high-performance brake pads and rotors to adjustable coilovers and sway bars, we have the components to transform your driving experience.

Downpipes and intercooler

Performance accessories

From high-flow downpipes and headers to intercoolers, charge pipes, fuel pumps, blow-off valves and much more, we offer a comprehensive range of parts. Our expert team specialises in installing and fine-tuning these accessories to unleash the true potential of your vehicle.

Turbo kits & superchargers

Whether you prefer the instant throttle response of a supercharger or the high-end power gains of a turbocharger, our top-quality upgrades will transform your vehicle into a high-performance machine. Elevate your driving experience with our technical expertise in turbo kits and supercharger upgrades.

BMW M3 intake

Cold air intakes

Whether you're looking for a complete cold air intake system or a simple upgrade with a drop-in filter, we have the options to meet your needs. Increase the airflow to your engine and experience a captivating and aggressive sound that will make heads turn. Trust our expertise to provide the perfect solution for your vehicle's needs.

BMW G80 M3 wheels resprayed in gold

Wheels & tyres

Elevate your vehicle's appearance with a wheel and tyre package. We provide access to top wheel and tyre manufacturers and can help you in ordering the perfect set for your car. We can also arrange wheel recolouring for a customised look.

Engine tuning

Engine management system installations

Our skilled technicians specialise in installing advanced engine control units (ECUs) and standalone engine management systems. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we can fine-tune and optimise your engine's performance for maximum power, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

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